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Our specialty is understanding the problem, needs, goals, infrastructure, and talent and connecting the marketing and communications professional to the right solutions and experts.

Expert Support When Needed

Every company has unique needs, and one-size-fits-all solutions don't work. We collaborate with our clients to find, design, and implement digital strategies, web design, and marketing technology solutions.

The Group

We are building a network of experts willing to share their knowledge about digital strategy and marketing technology to help marcomm professionals get the job done without frustration. We call on these experts when you need just the right skills for a particular project.


The marketer's knowledge base is an AI-enabled catalog of digital strategy and marketing technology solutions and answers. MartechKb subscribers are encouraged to participate in the conversation and rate solutions.

Chrissy Clary Digital Strategy and Martech Expert

The Digital Communications Group is devoted to helping marketing teams and agencies find and leverage the digital and technology resources needed to operate in today's digital-first culture."

- Chrissy Clary, Founder

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We are building a network of digital experts, strategists, and coaches to work together, finding ways to improve the world of digital communications.

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