5 Questions to Ask A Digital Strategist Before Hiring Them

By Rachel McCray

Hiring a digital strategist can be overwhelming, but asking the right questions could mean the difference in finding a good digital strategist and a not-so-good one. Keep one thing in mind, past performance tends to predict future performance.

With that in mind, here are some questions you may want to find out before you hire a digital strategist to promote your brand or business.

1. What digital tools and media are you familiar with and how have you used them?

2. How would your experience benefit our company/business?

3. Give me an example of a campaign you executed and the results.

4. What top three platforms would you use to promote our brand and why?

5. Where would you spend the bulk of the digital strategy budget?

Unfortunately there are some less than honest folks who are looking to simply take your money. Always be wary of the following:

1. They guarantee #1 rankings or top results (Let the results speak for themselves)

2. The partnership is positioned as transactional (Look for a partner, not just another vendor)

3. Their tools and strategies are outdated (SEO changes daily. Keeping up is essential!)

4. They have no experience in your particular industry or past campaigns to show (past performance is a strong predictor of future performance)

5. They are not keeping you updated on the performance of your campaign (be sure they set performance reporting expectations at the start)

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