A Generation of Women Evolving for Business – How is it Rising?

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By Sophia Hazzard

Since the dawn of time, women have been represented as the stay at home mom that cleans, cooks, and takes care of the children. But times have changed, and there are more higher power women in the workforce than ever - now, women are even more educated than men according to allbusinessschools.com.

We’ve gone from a generation of being told "women can’t do that" and "women can’t be in charge" to a more than 50% chance that the manager of a job is female. Today's society of women have risen from a history of being shut down, having their ideas rejected, and being paid significantly less than a man doing the same job, to standing up for they want and the career goals they have.

For example, allbusinessschools.com found that the Harvard Business School class of 2017 is 41% women, compared to the class of 1965 which was a mere 1.2%. Girls and women of all ages are striving for more; to be more than just that stay at home mom and speak up, put their foot forward, and take control. “Four of every 10 U.S. businesses are owned by women, with female-led businesses having grown a spectacular 58 percent from 2007 to 2018." (GuidantFinancial). But how did this change happen? It's simple. Now, businesses see the advantage in hiring women:

  • Female-led businesses focus more on collaboration than competing with others. 
  • Women entrepreneurs will back other women and work together.
  • Other women taking control in business inspires others to do the same.
  • Women use their awareness of the emotions of others and themselves as a guide to work and lead their business.
  • People look into a more diverse business of race and gender to work with, rather than a strict variety group.
  • Women have skills like better listening and intake of information.

To keep this female power running, don’t settle for less. The opportunities for women have improved compared to ages ago; women should continue to stand out and make a difference. So keep that hand up, stay passionate, and support others to continue the rise of women in business.

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