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"DCG provided unparalleled coaching support in my efforts to publicize my novels. Their knowledge of digital and social media as well as the traditional means of generating publicity and sales is extensive. I highly recommend their services."
- Dr. Frank “Frankie” Albritton, author and DCG client

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By Chrissy Clary

Making digital communications easier isn’t just something DCG strives to do for businesses and agencies – we also work with private entities to help them succeed.

Case in point: A recent coaching and consulting project we worked on with independent author, Dr. Frank Albritton of Florida.

This past year Albritton released two novels – “The Midas Plot: Plus Ultra (Eternal versus Ultra)” and its sequel, “The Midas Ultimatum: Ultra Complex (Eternal versus Ultra)”  – and is currently finishing the third book in the series to be released later this summer. (As a note, he also has penned a nonfiction book during the 1990s called “Health Care Insurance Reform in the United States.”)

He reached out to DCG for marketing insight and better understanding of his books’ sales platform, Amazon. As a result, DCG worked with him during multiple hour-long coaching sessions to deep dive into the platform’s capabilities.

During these coaching sessions, we were able to provide him with goal-specific research, training and recommendations to better optimize and leverage digital tools and platforms. Not only is he now armed with more skill sets to manage his own marketing platforms, he also was introduced to new options to promote his books.

The benefits of the coaching sessions didn’t extend to just Albritton – we learned a lot, too. And were able to indulge in one of our favorite parts of this business – helping make communications easier, effective and engaging for everyone!

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