Digital Easter Eggs

By Sophia Hazzard

You’re probably running out of ideas for Easter activities for your company. There may not be physical activities you could do for your customers, such as scavenger hunts, but you could give them a hunt for digital Easter eggs throughout your website.

But, you may be wondering, what exactly are digital Easter eggs?

Digital Easter eggs are hidden messages, jokes or pop-ups hidden within websites and softwares. There are so many hidden all over the web waiting to be found.

Here are some fun ones that DCG has found:

1. Facebook Messenger Basketball Game

This is a fun one that you could get your boss and coworkers involved in. Just open up Facebook Messenger, send the basketball emoji, and see what happens.

2. Thanos

If you’re familiar with the super villain “Thanos” from Marvel movies, then you will get a kick out of this one. Go to Google and search “Thanos”, click on his famous hand in the upper right corner, and prepare to be surprised.

3. Barrel Roll

Another fun digital Easter egg to discover is the barrel roll. Simply type “do a barrel roll” into Google. It’s pretty self explanatory what is going to happen. Just be ready to be dizzy!

Now, go find some more and share with us what you find! If you find one, share it on social media and tag us!

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