Get Smooth is on point

Often, we compartmentalize web design separately from marketing and storytelling.

By Chrissy Clary

Unfortunately, when we do that, we as communicators kill the opportunity to use our web designs to tell our brand story.

The site Get Smooth, featuring rapper/reality TV star/pop culture icon Snoop Dog, does a fantastic job of telling the product story in a fun and creative way.

Understandably, not all marketers are backed with a Snoop-size production budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look for opportunities to merge our storytelling with our design efforts to create an engaging brand experience.

Klarna (a Swedish bank that provides online financial services) explains on its About Us page that Get Smooth is its newest campaign that sets out to prove that whether you’re a consumer, a merchant, or the smoothest man alive, they can make your life smoother and hassle-free. And the Home page completely personifies this with a lavish video starring one of the smoothest celebrities ever, Snoop Dogg. (Full disclosure – Snoop became a shareholder in Klarna in January 2019).

It also claims that it hopes “this collection will bring a smile to people’s faces and get more people to discover the perks and smoothness of paying with Klarna.”

I am not sure how much golden peanut butter or cashmere toilet paper they will actually sell, but for me not only is this #onpoint, I’m smiling.

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