Old-School Communications Tactics Still Have Value in Digital Age – Just Update Them!

You may feel as if you’re a caveman still wanting to use - traditional communications techniques, but many of the old-school ways of networking are still relevant.

By Chrissy Clary

Tried and true techniques such as face-to-face meetings, exchanging business cards and even whiteboard project management should not be set – aside. In today’s digital landscape, their value is even more relevant. It has simply been taken to the next level thanks to technology. Here’s a few tips to help you leverage and elevate your old-school communications game to succeed in today’s digital world.


  • Old School:A meetup at a coffee shop can be a good way to get in contact with someone and physically impress someone’s interest upfront and in person.
  • Digital Facelift:There are a lot of good free services for online meetings or hosting a video conference with technology like Zoom(that’s what we use and love!), join.me and a business standard that’s not free, but still good – GoToMeeting.

Business Cards

  • Old School:Business cards are a tangible way to get your key information about you in people’s hands and face it, people still expect business representatives to have one.
  • Digital Facelift:Standard 3 ½” x 2” business cards can be spiced up with different shapes, textures, sizes and colors using websites like vistaprint.com and Moo. Or you can support local creatives by going to etsy.com. And to REALLY take it next level, hand them a jump drive/USB pop out business card that plugs into a computer with a lot of information to display. CustomUSB and Flashbay create them for you – you can even find them on Amazon.

Project Management

  • Old School:Notetaking is a crucial task for staying organized. Planning and analyzing what’s going to come next by jotting it down on a piece of paper, whiteboards or to-do lists is a standard and still useful.
  • Digital Facelift:There are tons of great online services and apps you can now use for notes, communication with colleagues and planning such as Trello(free!) or Wrike. Trello lets you work with a team or individually to stay intact with your tasks and goals.

For more on project management, check out “In the Pulse of the Profession report from February 2018, the US Project Management institute reports that companies are wasting $1 million every 20 seconds because of ineffective strategy implementation” from financesonline.com

One important note– Something that is old-school that should never be abandoned is the handwritten Thank You note. Sending a letter of appreciation to someone that you just met, worked with on a project, or after an interview should never be updated. The moment of receiving it in the mail will be cherished for them. Trust us on this!

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