Organizations Helping Females

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By Rachel McCray

In addition to the wage gap, there is still a significant gender gap in the tech industry. In fact, according to, “It’s predicted the tech industry won’t near gender equality until closer to 2025.”

Fortunately, there are organizations out there who recognize this and have built their entire organization on empowering and supporting women in this field. In fact, you may even want to join a few!

Here are just a few of our favs:

1.Girls in Tech is a global non-profit dedicated to putting an end to gender inequality in startups and high-tech industries. They offer coding courses, hackathons and startup competitions. It was founded in 2007 in San Francisco and now currently has 62,000 members in approximately 33 countries.

2.Women 2.0 is a media and tech company focused on gender equality and inclusion in the tech space. They offer, “resources for women to grow their careers and their companies in the industry, as well as provide services for workplaces and the technology startup ecosystem to create diverse and inclusive environments that support the advancement of women and other underestimated groups.”

3.Ada’s List is an email-based global community of women working STEM industries. Members talk about professional-related topics, open job listings, conference panels and calls for submission, tech-related events, and informal mentoring.

4.Girl Develop It is a nonprofit that provides women in tech with affordable programs interested in learning about web and software development. Chapters across the country offer in-person classes. Materials built by the GDI community can also be viewed on the website.

5.Girls Who Code mission is to, “close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does.” The organization focuses on keeping young women engaged in STEM fields by supporting them with after-school clubs, summer courses, and career advice and networking support.

To discover more organizations dedicated to pushing inclusivity and and closing the diversity gap for women in the workplace visit https:

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