Tech Companies Offer Discounted and Free Services Amid COVID-19

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By Rachel McCray

Unless you usually teach online courses, moving your instruction online might seem tough at first, but thankfully, there are resources to help.

Since small businesses lack the resources of larger organizations to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cloudfare, a web-based cybersecurity company, is actively helping to address the needs of small businesses.

Cloudfare has helped organize a helpful website that lists several technology companies that are offering discounted and free tools and resources to enable remote work.

The hub was created to centralize offers of free tech services and products from cloud computing companies, and you can find the hub here.

Cloudfare is also currently offering free IT and security support for small businesses.

The Online Learning Collective was created to assist educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. It started out as a Facebook group created by a university professor, gaining over 200,000 members in its first few weeks and it quickly grew beyond that.

It now has a YouTube channel and a unique website that offers college and university teachers tutorials, resources, humor and even virtual classes. It is actively helping educators move online by offering resources and support as they shift from face-to-face instruction to online classes for the rest of the semester.

In addition to Online Learning Collective, there are many other free and discounted educational tools and resources being offered by tech companies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Some other online tools that will be offered for free during this semester include: - a cloud based learning management system

Cogbooks - an adaptive learning company

Engineerica Systems - a software to arrange appointments with students and meet virtually

Crowdmark - an online grading and analytics platform

Know of any helpful resources not listed here? We would love to hear from you. List them in the comment section and we will include them in our next blog post!

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