Top Three Organization Apps

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By Rachel McCray

Life can get a bit messy at times. Since most of us have our phones 24/7, the DCG team would like to share some handy tools that might make life a bit easier. Check out these three apps that will help you stay organized in life.

Rescue Time

RescueTime – Let’s face it. We live in an age of constant distractions. With this app, you can protect your focus and optimize your day. It automatically tracks the time you spend on websites and apps and sends you a weekly progress report to see if you met your goals. With the premium version, you can utilize: a FocusTime distraction blocker, offline time tracking, real-time alerts, daily highlights, custom work hours and unlimited historical data.


Venmo – Need to pay a friend back but don’t have the cash on you? Venmo is here to make your financial transactions super convenient. Simply link and verify your bank account or debit card and begin to transfer funds to anyone who has the Venmo app. The app keeps track of all of your transactions in your purchase history. You can set them to private or keep them public so your network of friends can see and comment.


HabitList - This clean, easy-to-use interface helps users reach their goals by focusing on what needs to be accomplished day-by-day. The app’s color coordinated badges and notifications help to motivate users to stay on track. Flexible scheduling allows for 3 options: Specific Days, Non-Specific Days, or Intervals. So you can schedule your workouts M-W-F, bring lunch to work any 4 days per week, or write a blog post every 2-3 days. The app also allows you to track your progress with weekly and monthly completion percentages.


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