Why We Chose SEMRush Over eClincher

Which one is the better social media management app.

By Sophia Hazzard

As a small business evolving, Digital Communications Group was searching for the perfect social media management tool to manage and store content. We came across eClincher, and we were willing to give it a try.

eClincher provides (all according to payment plan): 

  • Publishing & Scheduling
  • eclincher logo

  • Auto Post
  • Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Inbox
  • Track, Analyze, and Optimize
  • Pocket Integration

eClincher was great for us to manage our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account. It was easy to schedule, draft, and edit our posts to make sure our content was organized. But as time went on and we worked with other companies, not only did we have to manage our own social media, but we had to manage other businesses’ social media too.

That’s when we started looking towards the SEMRush social media management tool. Initially, it was overwhelming for us to figure out and get comfortable with because of its many features.

SEMRush provides (all according to payment plan):  

  • Analytics Reports (organic research, dvertising research, display advertising tool,
    backlinks, keyword semrush logoresearch, product listing ads and traffic analytics)
  • Tools (keyword difficulty, domain vs domain, charts, my reports, keyword magic tool, CPC map and SEO writing assistant)
  • Projects (position tracking, site audit, social media tracker & poster, brand monitoring, on-page CEO checker, backlink audit tool, organic traffic insights, content analyzer, PPC keyword tool and ad builder)

Tell me about it, so many features. Overall, SEMRush was, and is, a good social media management tool for DCG. SEMRush allowed us to create multiple projects – like for the other businesses we were running social media for – which makes it much easier to manage when having multiple clients. eClincher is a good tool too, but we would recommend it for those only running their own business’s social media. Trying out different tools allowed us to be able to try something new and see what else was out there – and because of that, we are running smoothly with SEMRush.

All up until my crazy boss suggested we move to yet another social media management tool. Which isn’t surprising since DCG loves trying new things to get a feel for everything. Because there’s not one social media management tool that is completely perfect and for us we will keep searching and searching to continue to give you guys our feedback to save you from having to do what we do. But for now, stay tuned to see which social media tool were moving to next.

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