Women in Tech Conferences You Should Know About

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By Rachel McCray

Women are tremendously underrepresented in the tech industry and the only way to change it is through education.

Here are 5 conferences that you should attend (or at least know about) if you are a woman working in tech.

1. Johnson Women in Tech Conference 2020

  • What: This conference brings together industry leaders, MBAs and advocates for female leadership in the tech community. JWiT is the only student-run MBA conference that provides mentorship and knowledge-sharing about strategies for success for female tech leaders, MBAs and advocates.
  • When: March 6
  • Where: NYC
  • Tickets: $30-$70
  • 2. Women in Tech Festival

  • What: Celebrates women in STEM, business and leadership who engage and inspire other women. All women are invited to join for two days of inspiring talks, startup pitches, educational workshops, thought-provoking discussions and career mentorship sessions.
  • When: May 1-2
  • Where: Mountain View, CA
  • Tickets: $100 for one-day pass, $199 for two-day pass
  • 3. Wonder Women in Tech

  • What: National conference addressing topics on women’s rights, equal pay, politics, diversity, and inclusion.
  • When: November 7-8
  • Where: Long Beach, CA
  • Tickets: $249
  • 4.Tech Up for Women

  • What: One-day conference focused on the advancement of women in technology with topics covering cyber security, blockchain, AI, VR, big data, healthcare, startups and more. Networking and engagement is encouraged at the event.
  • When: November 19
  • Where: NYC
  • Tickets: $350
  • 5.She Summit

  • What: A two-day event where attendees are encouraged to network and work on personal development. Though you do not have to be a woman to attend, the event brings together the tech community to network and build connections.
  • When: November 21-22
  • Where: NYC
  • Tickets: $197 virtual tickets, $1479 for individual ticket, $1797 for VIP ticket
  • To check out more conference that might be worth your precious time to check out, visit https:https://bit.ly/2VEKeyY

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