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Hashtag Generator by INGRAMER

Custom hashtag generator for reaching target Instagram audiences

Hashtag Generator by INGRAMER is an AI-based searcher to generate relevant hashtags for Instagram by analyzing a keyword, photo, or link.

If your organization:

  • Needs a detailed analysis of similar and organic hashtags for specific keywords
  • Is looking for an algorithm that can identify frequency of hashtags in real-time and optimize them based on location
  • Would like to get detailed analytics for each post\'s performance and hashtag impressions
  • Wants an app that can generate hot, trending, and niche tags for each market
  • Is looking for visualized analytics and Instagram performance data

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Twitter Advanced Search

Filter and refine Twitter posts for analysis

Twitter Advanced Search is an integrated tool within the Twitter web platform to filter, sort, and refine tweets based on multiple criteria.
Tweets can be refined by user, number of replies/likes/retweets, keywords, hashtags, language, location, date, and more.
The tool can be used to track performance and engagement of your brand, your competitors, or influencers.

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Twitter hashtag tracking and analytics tool

Hashtagify is an online database to search for the most relevant hashtags, give custom suggestions for your audience, and analyze competitor profiles.

If your organization:

  • Needs a detailed analysis of specific hashtags to identify performance and popularity
  • Is looking for an algorithm to track performance of influencer accounts on Twitter
  • Would like to get personal hashtag suggestions, see related hashtags, and find real-time insights on reach and trends
  • Wants to know the rankings for the top trending hashtags per language and time of day
  • Is looking to automate marketing analytics and set up custom reports

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Best Hashtags

Hashtag search database for increasing social engagement

Best Hashtags is an online database to search for the most popular and relevant hashtags, on multiple social media platforms.

If your organization:

  • Needs to find the most related hashtags to reach the widest audience and become more visible
  • Is looking for an algorithm-based system to find the most successful hashtags
  • Would like to increase likes and comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr
  • Wants to know the top trending hashtags in real-time - including the number of posts and posts per hour

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IBM Watson Media

Live streaming platform and video streaming service

We recommend IBM Watson Media for organizations producing and managing live video streaming that need a robust content delivery network.

If your organization:

  • Plans to stream events and video live
  • Is not willing to give all your intellectual property away free Charges for access to your content
  • Has a large audience
  • Is looking for a close captioning solution (backed up by IBM AI)
  • Needs a real auto-archive system
  • Wants to have your own playlists
  • Needs a registration gate
  • Would like to poll your audience real-time

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IBM Watson Speech to Text

Transform voice into written text via machine learning technology

The IBM Watson Speech to Text service provides APIs, enabling users to add speech transcription capabilities to various applications. It uses machine intelligence to compile information regarding language structure, tone, and grammar as well as the composition of the audio signal. It delivers and updates the voice transcription as it recognizes more speech. IBM Watson Speech to Text is compatible with just about any application where audio/speech is the primary input and a verbal/written transcription is the desired output. Examples include voice control of applications, embedded devices or vehicle accessories; transcribing meetings and conference calls; or dictating email messages and notes. IBM Watson Speech to Text uses speech recognition capabilities to identify and translate a host of world languages, including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German, and Mandarin speech into text.

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IBM Enterprise Video Streaming

Stream content to audiences via cloud-based technology

Eliminate costly updates and dedicated IT maintenance by managing a secure-rich end-user experience via IBM Enterprise Video Streaming, a cloud-based platform with the capabilities of powering all kinds of video-based communication, thus increasing business engagement from virtually anywhere.

With its AI-driven transcription function, your business\'s video content can seamlessly be searched and retrieved at library level, returning results that are based on keyword searches. It can also provide a hosted video portal of all of your company\'s digital content for easy reference and convenient business-wide transparency. Best of all, with IBM Enterprise Video Streaming, users get the security and privacy of the cloud to manage and store confidential assets without fear of third-party interference. Not only is IBM Enterprise Video Streaming a trusted live and on-demand video streaming platform, it truly is a comprehensive solution for corporate communication.

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IBM Watson Ads Builder

Create digital ads and experiences with AI-technology

Looking to drive awareness of your business? Let IBM Watson Ads Builder help. This easy-to-use platform allows brand marketers to quickly and seamlessly develop and share impactful conversational marketing solutions. Drive engagement using an effective consumer strategy. Utilize integrated industry knowledge and streamlined content delivery to launch a first-class bot or focus on one-on-one conversations with your business audience to gather valuable insights that can influence communication strategies for products and services. Enhance experiences by accelerating AI adoption across your entire team and push your company name forward where it deserves to be noticed. IBM Watson Ads Builder can be used with the IBM Watson line of integrated products.

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IBM Watson Captioning

Generate closed captioning for video content with machine learning technology

IBM Watson Captioning offers users an accurate and reliable method of generating automatic closed captions for live and on-demand video for their business. Using the latest in machine learning technology, IBM Watson Captioning leverages AI to make the tedious process of caption generation for digital and broadcast content more simplified and automated. The process is seamless: the more you use IBM Watson Captioning, the more the technology learns with you as you edit, expanding tone, contextual, and vocabulary capabilities with each application. Notice an error during an on-demand broadcast? IBM Watson Captioning can review and correct from a web-based panel and provide suggested edits in real-time. Best of all, the AI learns from these incidents and is better equipped to handle future video content. Generate captions with smart layout algorithms via automated speech-recognition functionalities. It\'s all in the fine print.

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IBM Stream

Live streaming platform and video streaming services

For businesses with a heavy emphasis on creating and sharing streamable video content, IBM Streams offers an advanced processing platform with complete real-time analytics solutions. IBM Streams allows developers to build, launch, and monitor applications with an Eclipse-based, visual IDE. What\'s more, data engineers can connect with data sources and integrate with other infrastructures seamlessly and easily––whether structured, semi-structured, or completely unstructured. Best of all, IBM Streams integrates with business solutions, offering domain analytics, including machine learning, text, natural language, and spatial-temporal in order to facilitate the creation of adaptive streams applications. IBM Streams also features real-time analytic processing, support for Apache Edgent, as well as a comprehensive speech-to-text toolkit for the ultimate user-friendly experience––not to mention, the peace of mind of IBM’s secure and private cloud function.

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