SEO and Digital Content Management

Content is still king, and SEO is not going away; unfortunately, both can be surprisingly confusing. Digital Communications Group's search engine optimization and content management support are customized and transparent.

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Strategy & Planning

Successful SEO relies on careful planning and creating a coherent, holistic strategy that gives businesses an edge in Google rankings.
The process starts with understanding the most critical keywords for your industry and then leveraging those keywords for more organic traffic.
Digital Communications Group has the processes and collaborators in place to help you enable your storytelling. Measurable results depend on having a plan and strategy in place before creating a single piece of content.

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Content & Page Design

The design of content and its delivery media also has a measurable effect on search engine results. Should content live on a company domain, or would social media posts suffice?

The answers to these questions matter tremendously when considering design optimization. Search engines like Google and Bing must be able to crawl, index, and retrieve information quickly.

Poor content design can significantly hinder a businesses' ability to propagate marketing messages or reach new customers if search engines can't find the information.

Digital Communications Group takes the data gleaned from strategy and planning and incorporates design changes or recommendations when needed.

Often, a complete rip-and-replace scenario isn't necessary if the design simply needs a few targeted improvements. That's the beauty of an appropriately executed plan.

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Full SEO & CMS audits

Our audit services analyze SEO, analytics, user journies, and your content management system to find opportunities.
It takes a team with expertise in both areas to bolster SEO and your content management for the long haul. Neglecting one has a detrimental effect on the other.
But efforts to optimize content go beyond off-page and on-page SEO best practices because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
Audits provide a way to measure how successful your systems and content are and work with you on an improvement plan.

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Content Management System Implementation

Web content receives the lion's share of attention in the SEO world, but content encompasses much more.
What should a business do about social media? What about newsletters that convert at a high rate? All content needs a management platform once digital assets expand and take on a life of their own.
Digital Communications Group can train staff and set them up to perform like pros or provide everything in a full-service package.
We have experience with much content management and social media platforms and the analytical tools available today.

How does it work?

First, we schedule a free strategy session. Second, we audit and plan. Third, we match you with resources and guide deliverables.

We are curious about your goals and frustrations.
Let's help you find the marketing technology and digital communication strategy experts and resources you need.