Social media and digital advertising

We help your business stay up with the latest trends in social media and digital advertising. We can work with you to get your company started posting content and building engaging campaigns quickly.


How does it work?

The goal is to build a strategy supported by the right resources for your business and budget and build a community filled with your desired audience that is engaging, thought-leading, and ultimately converts them into devoted buyers.

First, we schedule a free strategy session. Second, we audit and plan. Third, we match you with resources and guide deliverables.

Campaign Audits

Document campaign goals and target audience

Identify data, reporting benchmarks

Review up to 5 social channels

Social Media & Digital Advertising Strategy

Editorial planning template and training

Tactical recommendations for growing an audience

Recommended ad spend

Reporting & Advising

Custom reporting dashboard

Review and report on success metrics

Coaching and recommended campaign optimizations

Need a custom plan? Let's talk! Book a free strategy session. 

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We combine in-depth research into your company with insight into what is working for competitors in your niche. We use the knowledge to develop a tactical plan designed to target your audience and deliver optimal results for your business.
The Digital Communications Group helps determine what you should post, where you should post it, and who will produce it, then we help you measure your success and pivot along the way.
We can monitor your accounts to make sure things are running smoothly, ironing out any wrinkles as they appear, and make regular recommendations for the campaign, strategy, technology, and content improvements.

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Content Development & Platform Management

Your digital ads and social posts should be tailored to your audience and should stay on-brand to create momentum for your business. Every business is different, as are the creative geniuses we need to produce content.
We can help you find the right talent for your verticle or domain. Or we can work with you to coach your internal team into becoming social media and digital marketing rockstars.
But keep in mind, the words and photos are only part of the equation. The Digital Communications Group experts will find relief for your adtech pain points. We will help you find the right technology and connect the wires to help you make the most out of your investment.

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Auditing & Reporting

Our comprehensive audit can determine exactly where you are and what steps you need to take. We evaluate the campaigns you are already releasing and provide action-driven suggestions to improve your results.
Trying to figure out your ROI? We will provide transparent reports and recommendations that show the exact impact your campaigns are having.
We look at how your efforts are performing and evaluate what can be improved in the future. By constantly tweaking, we can improve the return on investment you are getting from your digital advertising, social, and SEO efforts.

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Training & Setup

We can put all of the important processes and support in place to be efficient with your time and effective in your outreach. With your processes streamlined from the start, you and your team won't have to devote as much time to chasing your tails initially and can focus on more pressing topics.
We can build your program to include training and development support for your in-house team.

We are curious about your goals and frustrations.
Let's help you find the marketing technology and digital communication strategy experts and resources you need.