Strategy and Planning

and Planning

Our strategists will work with you to build a roadmap for reaching your goals

This process requires organization, flexibility and plenty of research.

Our digital marketing team is equipped with the tools necessary to define a successful communications plan and strategy for execution.


Working with the Digital Communications Group allows you the opportunity to work with experts in the field. Our team of specialized digital marketing strategists and project managers will be your guiding light that will help you navigate the waters of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.


Following an intensive discovery period (where we learn the ins and outs of your or your client’s business), we will create a document for use internally or to share. The outline includes a recommended budget, timeline, and technology tips and tools.


This will process will ultimately define your powerful digital strategy.


Need some backup? Our strategists are available to meet directly with you and your clients to perform discovery, deliver reports and present recommendations. Basically, we are here to make you look good. 

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Prioritize and Strategize

There is an order of operations for many things in the digital world. When we don’t have an informed plan of action, you will miss deadlines and blow your budget. 


We will lay out a strategy to achieve your short and long term goals in a way that makes sense. 

  • We help you define the goals and objectives and define a technology roadmap
  • Plans are developed with the end-user or customer in mind
  • We guide your team through the process they are equipped to handle
  • We help you set reasonable expectations for your clients


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Measuring Success

Are you monitoring the success of your marketing efforts?

How will you define success? 


We will coach you through creating a process for reporting on digital return on investment. Using your clearly defined goals, we work to set hard accountable metrics that will measure communication and marketing performance. 


Our strategists are available to meet directly with you and your clients to deliver reports and recommendations.

How does it work?


Schedule a free digital strategy session. We will be very curious about your goals and frustrations.


Our team will work to find and match you with the right strategists and resources for you.


Once we find you a match, we work to build a delivery strategy and get your project started.

Let’s get started!

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