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How Does This Work?

  1. Create and submit your profile.
  2. We will review your work, hourly rate and credentials.
  3. Once accepted, we badge you as an official digital strategist and send your on-boarding materials.
  4. We will then launch your profile using the information on your application.
  5. When you match with a client, we will verify your availability and once you have accepted the client, we will connect the two of you.

About the Group

Digital Communications Group (DCG) is a consulting agency working to provide quality digital strategy services to marketing agencies and teams.


Digital Communications Group was founded on November 1, 2018, with the overarching goal to help teams with limited resources easily leverage the tools and technology they need to successfully communicate using digital techniques.


Digital Communications Group leverages a community of part-time digital strategists to offer affordable, high-quality planning, strategy and coaching to businesses.


Help businesses sort out the marketing technology landscape and leverage our community of expert digital strategists to provide quality services to businesses.



Our mission is to help agencies and marketing teams strategically leverage marketing technology and easily deploy digital communication tactics.